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Quiz: Test Your Recycling Knowledge

Written by: Malory Maletic and Tessa Harvey How much do you really know about the facts, figures, and stats of recycling? Test your knowledge with this quiz, and check out the answer guide at the bottom for more information.   ANSWER GUIDE: Styrofoam often has a recycling symbol and a […]

The WMEAC Summer Interns Want To Say Hello

Written by: Tessa Harvey This summer at WMEAC, seven interns have joined the WMEAC team to learn and help in five different positions. They find themselves arriving from different backgrounds and with different skills, but have a single important commonality: their passion for the planet. Being one of these interns […]

14th Annual Mayors’ Cleanup Expands

Written by: Tessa Harvey Each year, the Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup makes a big impact on the health of our local waterways. Nearly 1000 participants participate annually –picking up thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables from the banks of the Grand River and several tributaries. This year, we are […]

Saugatuck Dunes Development Challenge

Written by Bill Wood For 100 years, 400 acres of dunes along the Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan have escaped the region’s trend toward development, and remained relatively untouched except for the construction of one home at the river mouth and the defunct Broward Yacht factory. This landscape is world-renowned […]

Striving Towards Zero Waste

Written By: Morgan Kelley All across America, food is making its way to consumers packaged in plastic bags, aluminum foil, wax paper, or single-use bags for snacks, are thrown away daily in mass amounts at the end of school lunch periods. Though these packaging items seem convenient for school lunch […]