10% of 2010 GR Press Editorials Focused on Environmental Issues

The Grand Rapids Press Editorial Board Goes Green

After reading an encouraging editorial on wind turbine regulation in The Grand Rapids Press last week, the latest in a string of pro-environment commentaries, we asked WMEAC Intern Tami Stevens to examine exactly how green the daily’s editorial board had become.   As it turns out, through December 14 some 10% of this year’s Press editorials have focused on environmental issues or sustainability, with its editorial board siding with environmentalists virtually every time.

The only topics that were more editorialized this year were State Politics (15%) and Education (14%), many of those endorsements of candidates or ballot proposals.  Other hot topics, as shown above, were Taxes, National Politics, Social Issues and Security.

The complete list is available as a spreadsheet here. We’ve tried our best to categorize the topics appropriately.  You’ll likely notice that several of the editorials can fit into more than one category (State Politics and Environmental Issues have a great deal of overlap, for instance).

The environmental issues addressed by The Grand Rapids Press Editorial Board this year include:

Farmland Preservation

January 3:  Kudos to Kent County for preserving farmland

Green Space

January 21: Try Again on Parks

Asian Carp

January 22: Keep heat on politicians about danger of Asian carp

February 12:  President Obama’s actions on keeping Asian carp out of Great Lakes fall short

June 13:  Time running out to stop Asian carp

August 5:  Obama’s reaction to Asian carp threat is appallingly weak and slow

October 14:  No waiting to stop Asian carp from reaching Great Lakes

Grand River and Great Lakes

March 2:  Scrubbing the Lakes

July 28:  Protecting the Grand River

Alternative Energy

March 28:  Wind Power is Economic Power

April 8:  Holland battery plant an economic boost

December 14:  Why Michigan needs to regulate power-producing windmills in the Great Lakes

Urban Agriculture

April 1:  Urban Market Could Be Grand Rapids Next Big Thing

July 1: City Chickens: Fair or fowl?

Oil Spills

May 9: Gulf coast oil disaster

May 26:  New Teeth for Oil Regulators

June 16:  Slow cleanup on Kalamazoo River

June 20:  Haphazard and uneven response to Gulf oil spill

July 30:  Fixing Michigan’s Oil Spill Crisis

August 29:  Allowing public access to pipeline inspection information

Complete Streets

July 16:  Michigan lawmakers should approve Complete Streets bill to focus on more than motorists

Single-stream Recycling

July 20:  Single-stream recycling means no excuse for not recycling

November 23:  Recycling Success for new program

Phosphorus ban in fertilizer

October 13:  Phosphorus ban in fertilizer

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