4 Reasons to Can Your Fruits and Veggies

If you ask Pinterest, mason jars are the new duct tape. From lamps to soap dispensers, it seems like there are few things you can’t make with a mason jar. The one thing most people aren’t using their jars for: actual canning. And we think that’s a real shame. While we’re sure mason jars make for great water bottles and vases, they’re also a great way to enjoy local fruits and veggies year-round. Here’s 4 reasons to slow down on the Pinterest projects and give actual canning a try:

1. It’s good for the environment

Supermarkets ship your favorite fruits and vegetables in from across the world, so that you can buy them year-round. That means that those strawberries you bought in December had to take a long, greenhouse-gas-emitting flight to get to your table. When you add in the environmental cost of preserving those strawberries, the carbon footprint for out-of-season fruits and vegetables is sky-high. And it’s totally unnecessary. Through canning, you can enjoy locally-grown fruits and vegetables year-round without a high environmental cost.

2. It supports the local economy

Buying extra produce from farmers in West Michigan while it’s in season helps their farms stay afloat. So by canning, you know you’re investing in the local economy, rather than supporting factory farms miles away from your table.

3. It can save YOU money

When you first start canning, you’ll have to make a small investment to get the proper supplies, but that initial cost will pay off in the long run. Out-of-season produce is expensive. By buying your fruits and veggies in season and canning them, you can save yourself that extra expense.

3. It’s tasty!

Canning isn’t just about preserving. From jam, to pasta sauce, to applesauce, there’s tons of tasty recipes you can make by canning!

So instead of using those mason jars for more Pinterest crafts, put them to use and give canning a try! Check out this site for help getting started!

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