A Watershed Moment: Butterflies

On today’s episode we hear from Matthew Douglas, professor of zoology at Grand Rapids Community College, who discusses his series of children’s books, which portray the scientific aspects of the life cycles of butterflies.

“We want children to learn about the scientific aspects of all of nature, and butterflies and moths present a very good opportunity to do that,” says Douglas. There are two series of books meant not only to teach children, but to give accurate scientific information. “They go through a considerable amount of change called metamorphosis, and when students understand that…they can look at the world with a much better viewpoint.”

The first series is about three types of butterflies, with the first book being called ‘Mattie the Monarch.’ Not only does this series portray the migratory patterns of butterflies, but is a story about goal-setting, family values, and perseverance. There is also ‘Buddy the Buzzbomber,’ and ‘Zoey the Blue,’ teaching values of self-acceptance.

“Learning about science and nature is vitally important for children and the only way I know of doing that is to get outside, read books that are accurate, and have fun with the books.”

Douglas’ books are available at Schulers, Blandford Nature Center, and the John Ball Zoo and Meijer Gardens.

Matt can be contacted at matt.thewriter@yahoo.com

To listen to this week’s episode, click here.

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