A Watershed Moment: Climate Resiliency in Grand Rapids

This week’s Watershed Moment features Nick Occhipinti, WMEAC’s own policy and community activism director, talking about climate resiliency in Grand Rapids.

Climate resiliency is a concept that focuses on preparedness for a dynamic climate future, according to Occhipinti.  “We’re acknowledging that we cannot do things the same in a sustainable fashion forever now because climate change is upon us.  Given that, how can we thrive as a city with a changing climate future?” he said.

The city of Grand Rapids has engaged WMEAC to look into the impact of changing climate and ways that the city can adapt to a changing climate future.  Topics covered in the resulting report will include stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water management; energy production and consumption; land use planning; and local business.

The climate resiliency report will be available to the public online.

“This is for our community, it’s for Grand Rapids.  It’s saying ‘Okay, how will climate impact core functions and services of the City of Grand Rapids on a local level,” said Occhipinti.

Listen to the full episode here.

A Watershed Moment” is a weekly radio program focused on environmental news and happenings in West Michigan, plus solutions for living a greener life.  Broadcast on WYCE-FM 88.1 on Wednesday and Saturdays at 8:30am and 5:30pm, this program is produced by Grand Rapids Community Media Center and West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

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