A Watershed Moment: Fashion Meets the Storm (Water)

Sendtoallison- Courtney J. Harris

On this week’s episode, we hear from Alissa Krumlauf, recent graduate of Grand Valley State University. Fashion Meets the Storm(Water) was her senior thesis project, in which she combined fashion photography and the negative impacts of stormwater runoff.

Alissa has spent much of her college career in this field, first volunteering at WMEAC as photographer and volunteer coordinator, majoring in photography and Natural Resource Management at GVSU, and culminating in her senior thesis project, where she tied it all together. Fashion Meets the Storm (Water) is a narrative depicting the effects of storm water on our environment and people. The fashion models in the photographs start out pristine and clean, situated near storm drains and rivers. As the rain and storm hits, toxic colors spew from the ground and the models get devoured by the storm. 

sendtoallison- Laurel Pals“With the environment, people don’t understand the issues. I want to promote the issues in a way people can not be scared off, and that’s a way to start,” says Krumlauf. Primarily focusing on the fashion aspect, this avenue was a way to focus in on the true environmental issues at stake, while getting attention through a more aesthetic manner. “Stormwater is the leading source of water pollution in West Michigan and you don’t even know what it is? I’m not trying to scare away people that are uninterested in the environment, but find a good way to bring everyone together.”

Krumlauf hopes to be able to develop Fashion Meets the Storm (Water) even further, as she continues her career in fashion photography and her interest in the environment. “Stormwater is a big deal and it’s something that they should be aware of, that they are a contributor to, and that they can do something about it.”

Images from Fashion Meets the Storm(Water) can be found at www.facebook.com/akahephotography, in addition to more of her work.

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