A Watershed Moment: Green Drinks

This week’s Watershed Moment features Green Drinks Grand Rapids Chairperson Starla McDermott, talking about Green Drinks, a monthly networking event for the environmental sector.

Green Drinks’ attendees are extremely diverse, ranging from members of academia and students to politicians and local business members. The monthly event provides participants with an opportunity to swap business cards and sustainable business practices, as well as new ideas and information. Green Drinks tries to select bars and restaurants that feature environmentally-friendly business practices, be it businesses that are just beginning to establish these practices, or businesses with long-standing eco-friendly habits.

Green Drinks Grand Rapids takes place in rotating locations around the community, but always runs from 5-7 p.m. Those interested in participating can look up the location for each month’s event at the Green Drinks website, here. Businesses interested in hosting or sponsoring Green Drinks can find details on the website, as well.

“Just come and meet us and introduce yourself, we have name badges,” said McDermott. “It’s a very easygoing atmosphere where everybody just gets to talk and drink and get to know each other.”

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