A Watershed Moment: Marhar Snowboards are 100% Michigan

Marhar co-Founders Josh Skiles and Nathan Morse

Contributing writer: Amy Rotter

Today we hear from Nathan Morse and Josh Skiles, co-founders of Marhar Snowboards as they discuss the value of the sustainable business practices they use when building their snowboards.

Snowboarders and skiers alike have a unique opportunity to experience Michigan’s winter wonderland. And for many of those who participate in these sports, it is this connection with nature that has them riding.

“If you’re outside and you’re on top of that mountain, I mean, there’s few things that can bring that euphoric feeling,” Skiles describes.

But like many other outdoor-enthusiasts in Michigan, this winter has Marhar co-founders a little worried. The unusual sunshine and bare ground we have seen this season have Morse and Skiles concerned that this winter may be more than just an anomaly. In their lifetime, they’ve seen the amount of annual snowfall significantly decrease. Like many of us, they cannot remember a winter with as little snow as we have now.

A line-up of several sustainably made Marhar snowboards

In reverence of winter, Marhar Snowboards uses renewable and sustainable materials in their boards. Their sustainable manufacturing has minimal impact on the environment, their contribution to preserving nature for future generations of snowboarders. “If our kids can’t experience this…then they’re missing out on the most beautiful thing that our industry offers,” says Skiles.

Read more about the sustainable materials Marhar Snowboards uses here and listen to their full interview here.

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