A Watershed Moment: Michigan’s (Un)Expected Warm Winter

Credit: www.offthemark.com

On today’s episode we hear from WMEAC journalist Jerel Domer as he introduces the research he and fellow journalist Scott Kaplan have done on the perspectives local meteorologists have on global warming.

“This [winter] is on its way to being the warmest winter that Michigan has had since 1932,” reports Jerel. The cause of this warm weather is often blamed on global warming and climate change.

The existence of global warming is an ongoing debate even amongst experts, but climate change is another story.

“There is no way there can be 7 billion people, and growing, on the planet and not have an effect on the weather and the climate,” says Fox 17 meteorologist Peter Chan.

With record high temperatures this winter, winter enthusiasts have been sorely disappointed with the lack of snow this year. T-shirts and shorts are worn in February and snowmen are going extinct. Why is this winter so much like spring?

Listen to this episode of A Watershed Moment here.

Read Jerel and Scott’s full report on climate change on the WMEAC blog.

A Watershed Moment” is a weekly radio program focused on environmental news and happenings in West Michigan, plus solutions for living a greener life.  Broadcast on WYCE-FM 88.1 on Tuesdays at 8:30am and 5:30pm, this program is produced by Grand Rapids Community Media  Center and West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

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