A Watershed Moment: Pink washing

On this week’s episode we hear from Julia Mason, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies at Grand Valley State University, as she addresses ‘pink washing’.

Pink washing is a technique in which companies exploit the breast cancer logo in order to boost sales. In order make themselves proponents of a cure, they generally flaunt the well-known pink ribbon or advocate a charity they are supporting. The majority of companies pink washing use chemicals within their product that are, in fact, carcinogens.

Mason is working to help inform the community of this poor business practice, as well as letting individuals know how to avoid being pink washed.

“For example, some of the major cosmetic companies have a long history of supporting breast cancer activism, or breast cancer research, but they also make these products that have toxins that have been shown to be carcinogens,” Mason explained, “From my perspective, I think the cure is really important, but I think we’re not doing enough to prevent breast cancer.”

To listen to this week’s episode, click here.

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