A Watershed Moment: The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum

Today we hear from Lisa Locke, the administrator of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum.

Almost 20 years ago, the WMSBF was organized by local environmentalists and business people seeking to combine common interests and goals. The WMSBF seeks best practices for sustainability that benefit both the environment and individual businesses.

Recently the WMSBF received a grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. This will enable the expansion of a tool developed by the WMSBF called the Self-Assessment Guide for Sustainable Commerce. This tool serves educational purposes and equips businesses to assess their own level of competency and success through ten different categories focused on sustainability for business.

Expansion of the tool will build on the question sets by adding more quantitative questions, and inserting educational links for each question. The links allow immediate access to resources that will further understanding and improve a business’ success in that area. Most importantly, the tool provides metrics to judge your own business’ progress in sustainability, the value of your initiated business practices, and how well they are working.

“It will help us gauge where we are, where we’re going, and how we need to get there,” says Locke. The WMSBG hopes it will be a tool that can be used throughout the state as a resource for businesses to help them operate more effectively and efficiently. It is a tool that should bring a positive environmental impact while saving businesses money.

Members of the WMSBF meet the second Sunday of every month. Anyone interested in the mission of WMSBF is welcome to join these meetings. Visit the WMSBF website to learn more.

Listen to the full interview here.

“A Watershed Moment” is a weekly radio program focused on environmental news and happenings in West Michigan, plus solutions for living a greener life.  Broadcast on WYCE-FM 88.1 on Tuesdays at 8:30am and 5:30pm, this program is produced by Grand Rapids Community Media  Center and West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

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