A Watershed Moment: The Wildlife Rehab Center

On the December 27 episode we hear from Holly Hill, a long term volunteer at the Wildlife Rehab Center.

Hill initially began working at the Wildlife Rehab Center as a temporary volunteer. She ended up staying three and a half years after falling in love with the animals she worked with everyday. The Wildlife Rehab Center is a non-profit organization that temporarily takes in and cares for wild animals that have been injured from car accidents and other unnatural causes.

An rehabilitating opossum at the Wildlife Rehab Center. Photo Credit: mlive.org

The facility takes in about 1500 animals a year in an effort to restore animals back to health and return them to the wild. While at the rehab center, animals are provided with veterinary care, outdoor space to roam, and a warm place to sleep so that animals may recover completely. In a worst-case scenario, animals are put down humanely if it cannot be saved.

Since the center is non-profit the business is capable only of rehab not rescue. However, once the animals are in the rehab center’s charge, animals receive care and veterinary treatment (if necessary) until they can be released into their natural habitat again. Through these efforts, the Wildlife Rehab Center decreases the negative impact humans have on Grand Rapids wildlife by stabilizing wildlife health in a suburban environment.

The Wildlife Rehab Center is based off of donations and is continually looking for funds as well as volunteers, supplies, and feed. To find out more visit the Wildlife Rehab Center. They are located at 1504 Union Street and can be contacted at 616-361-6109. They are open from 9:00am-5:00pm on weekdays.

Listen to the full interview here.

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