ArtPrize 9 Recap: Sustainable Art Must-Sees

WMEAC Water Fellow, Natalie Henley, did an inventory of ArtPrize 9 works that confront environmental issues. This is the last weekend of Art Prize 9, and we encourage you to visit these pieces, either in person or online, and learn more about them. These talented artists have brought the environmental world into the artworld and we greatly appreciate their advocacy.

Venue: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

      “Changing Oceans” -Justin La Doux


“Last Dance on a Hot Planet” -Sally DuBack


“Spirit of Freedom” -Julie McDonough


“Michigan’s Endangered Wildflowers” -Carol Irving


Venue: Fountain Street Church

“Flint” -Ti-Rock Moore


“Infrastructure: Flint” -John Leben

“You Gave Us the Roots and the Wings, and Now We Rise to Fall Once Again” -Tatsuki Hakoyama


Venue: DeVos Place Convention Center

“Troubled Waters” -Shawn Michael Warren


Venue: Rockwell Republic

“Michigan’s Dune Gully” -Linda Daul


Venue: City Water Building

“Collection Number Three: Standing Rock Reservation and the Oil Pipeline” -Angel Casarez


“The Deadly Tide” -Francis ODonell


Venue: Grand River

“Oil + Water” – Oil and Water











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