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Mayor Rosalynn Bliss: A Sustainable Year in Review

In her inaugural State of the City Address, Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss laid out a number of ambitious goals regarding environmental sustainability. One year later, she has held true to her word and made bounds toward these goals. Environmental sustainability remains a top priority in her role as Mayor. […]

The Evolution of Environmental Education in Michigan

I wasn’t necessarily expecting to be enlightened by observing a class of ten-year-olds participating in WMEAC’s Teach for the Watershed program, but I was wrong. When a young girl, a fifth-grade student at West Ottawa, confessed the nickname for the over-polluted Lake Macatawa was, nobody snickered. She spoke shyly, “Lake […]

GVSU’s Solar Garden and a Look to the Future

Over 11,200 solar panels began soaking up sun this past spring on Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) main campus. GVSU reached an agreement in October of 2015 with Consumers Energy to become a part of their Community Solar Garden program, Michigan’s largest community solar project to date. June 10, 2016 marked the completion and commencement of GVSU’s Solar Garden.