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WMEAC achieves coveted credentials

By Bill Warners Since spring of 2015 WMEAC has been working to achieve level one credentials from Partners for a Racism Free Community (PRFC) in order to honor WMEAC’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. In February, WMEAC was awarded level one credentials by PRFC, which is a big step forward […]

The Changing Landscape of Environmental Journalism

By Joel Campbell Note: This is an editorial piece; the opinions expressed in it are related to the author’s personal experience, and are not necessarily those of West Michigan Environmental Action Council. The loss of a dominant print culture has allowed for an evolution in media coverage. Smaller media outfits […]

Climate challenges crop up in Michigan

The Grand Rapids Climate Resiliency Report, released in 2013, makes it clear that climate change is not an abstract, vague global problem, but one that has significant local implications. The report could hardly be more timely: it was released shortly after the April 2013 flood, which threatened Grand Rapids’ downtown […]

Grand Rapids trees fight climate change

For many, climate change seems a distant reality. The first thought the term inspires may be stranded polar bears and the dwindling summertime Arctic Ocean ice coverage. However, climate change effects have been observed on every continent: just scroll down and zoom in about 3,200-some miles south of the North […]