Call for Submissions: Fiction, Poetry, Essay and Visual Art Needed for WMEAC’s Paper Leaves

If you follow the WMEAC Blog, you may have noticed a couple postings that favor a more creative slant; posts that step out beyond our usual journalistic-based content. Right now, these flash fictions and personal narratives are loosely submitted— just a few here and there— but we’d like to change that. Paper Leaves is WMEAC’s newest initiative; it is both an online and print source fashioned for the unique purpose of showcasing art inspired by nature— the art you create.

We are currently accepting submissions of previously unpublished short fiction and nonfiction prose, poetry, and print-publishable visual art (e.g. photography, political cartoons, photographed sculptures, etc.). This art must, however tangential, be inspired by or highlight some aspect of our natural world.

Please submit your content as a PDF, JPEG, or .doc attachment to along with a brief artist’s statement telling us about yourself and the piece you’ve submitted.

Currently there is no deadline for submissions.

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