Public Comment: The Grand Strategy and investment proposal

Investment in the Grand Strategy is essential to both the short…

Recommendations for Inclusion in the Final GR Forward Plan

Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. has recently completed a thorough,…

Restore the River as the Draw

By Ross Van Peursem If you ask anyone who is familiar with the…

Calculating Stormwater Benefits in West Michigan

WMEAC has received a grant to develop an online calculator…
Environmental Internships - Jaime Vaughan

Thank you, Spring '15 Interns!

This spring, WMEAC was pleased to accept seventeen students and…

Cleaning Up White Lake: A Story of Citizen Action

Written by Tanya Cabala, I don’t think most people would imagine…
Stormwater calculator

WMEAC and GVSU Receive a Grant to Develop a Stormwater Calculator

The West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) has received…
Watershed Education - Place Based Education - West Michigan Environmental Action Council

Place Based Education

If you’ve followed our work here at WMEAC, you may know that…