Citizen Groups Commend Michigan Legislation Backing Advanced Battery Industry

The “Built By Michigan” Coalition citizen groups are praising the legislation that encourages investment in Michigan’s growing electric vehicle and advanced battery industries presented by state House and Senate Democrats. Proposed plans include tax credits, both for consumers of electric vehicles and for advanced battery manufacturers as well as incentives for electric vehicle charging stations to be purchased and installed.

Susan Harley, of Clean Water Action, believes Michigan can become a global leader in the clean energy economy due to our state’s talented workforce and current technology developments.

“It is vital that our state and federal lawmakers make sure that Michigan remains on the cutting edge of developing and manufacturing advanced batteries and electric vehicles, because other states and countries are chasing right behind us.”

Our state has the highest number of electric battery and part suppliers as well as advanced battery companies, in the nation. Over 20,000 new jobs are slated to be created in the next decade in addition to the over $5.7 billion dollar investment by these companies.

“Michigan’s advanced battery and electric vehicle industries have a proven record of creating jobs and investing in our local communities. With support from our lawmakers in Lansing and Washington, we can ensure that Michigan is the hub for 21st century auto technology innovation and that thousands of local residents are put back to work,” said Nick Occhipinti, Policy and Community Activism Director for WMEAC.

The grassroots “Built by Michigan” coalition is also requesting

  • clean fuel standards that would involve electricity and alternative fuels as a growing percentage for Michigan vehicles,
  •  a direct rebate for electric car purchasers from the federal government instead of the tax credit currently offered, and
  • increased support for electric vehicles bought or leased for the state and fleet purposes.

Ryan Werder of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters agrees with the legislation.

“Electric vehicles are breathing new life into Michigan’s automotive sector and creating thousands of good-paying, local jobs. The incentives proposed today represent some of the key actions that Michigan can take to keep the momentum going for this emerging industry. We’re pleased to see our legislators responding to the grassroots support for electric vehicles. We urge them to follow through and take action on these and other plans that will help move Michigan’s advanced battery and electric vehicle sectors forward.”

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  1. Charles Hausmann
    Charles Hausmann says:

    All these rebates, loan guarentees, and subsidies for electric (coal fired) car technology must be limited to a reasonble level given that this technology will probably become a white elephant.

    Move over electric cars for more practical and highly efficient clean diesel cars like the new GM Cruze clean diesel and Voltswagon Rabbit. GM will sell 8 or 10 of these cars for every subsidized Volt to the private sector. The Volt will become a very expensive experiment gone bad.

    Point of use clean power generation with advanced technology will eliminate the need for inefficiency distribution, storage of energy, and supporting environmentally destructive associated infrastructure. Let’s focus on biodiesel produced locally.


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