Coupon for Free Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarms

Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan is offering a coupon to be redeemed for a free carbon monoxide alarm and up to six fire alarms. Many home appliances burn fuel, which can give off carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that is the lead cause of poisonous deaths in the U.S., according to the Healthy Homes Coalition. While maintaing and properly using appliances helps to avoid such situations, appliances can still malfunction, leading to gas leaks that can be hard to detect. The National Fire Protection Association claims that nearly 3,000 people die from house fires each year. Avoiding the dangers posed by carbon monoxide or fires can be prevented by simply installing carbon monoxide and fire alarms in your home. Just installing a fire alarm cuts the risk of dying as a result of a fire in half.

The offer is available until September 30, with a few restrictions. To qualify for the coupon, one must be a resident of the Grand Rapids or Wyoming area, have a child under the age of six living in the home, qualify based on income, and have a Healthy Homes Coalition staff or volunteer install the alarms. To view the coupon and read the full list of qualifications, click below.

Download the Coupon here. 

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