Dirt Don’t Hurt

Despite its value to plant life, animal life, and human life, dirt may be the least popular natural resource in the environment. Dirt literally gets swept under the rug while it should be examined and praised for its life giving vitamins and minerals.

Dirt! The Movie is the third movie in the WMEAC Film Series. This documentary is our chance to explore the many uses of soil, and change our attitude towards dirt, something we typically walk all over.

The earth’s dirt is under a silent attack from industrial farms, factory farms, and other soil abusers that deplete our soil of life giving minerals. The war on soil is beginning to go public. Monsanto, a major farming company, is currently being sued by Willie Nelson and 300,000 activists for their use and abuse of farms, food, and soil.

The destruction of our soil is real, and people are starting to fight back. Find out more about the film and watch the trailer here. The screening will include a conversation between the audience and local farmers about how we can revitalize and protect dirt in West Michigan. Dirt! will screen at 7pm at the Wealthy Theatre on Wednesday, March 7. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $5.

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