Eco ArtPrize: “Branches Unbound”

According to The Environmental Paper Network (, “making one ton of pulp for office and most printing papers requires 4.4 tons of wood to be cut and transported to the mill. One ton of pulp for newsprint and magazine papers requires 2.2 tons of wood. But one ton of recycled pulp requires only 1.4 tons of recovered paper – providing far greater fiber efficiency than trees.”

Wendy Wahl has combined the ideas of the tree of knowledge, paper reuse, and the tree of life by creating “branches” out of thousands of pages from sets of Encyclopedia Britannica.  Using stainless steel wire and these recycled pages, this piece can bring about thoughts and discussion concerning the connections between…

“Branches Unbound” is currently located inside the Grand Rapids Art Museum ( Learn more about the artist at her website:

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