Eco ArtPrize: “Dumpster Diver”

From afar, it appears that there is a collection of sea creatures and a diver living alongside the Grand River.  In reality, these “creatures” are an example of recycling.  “Dumpster Diver,” a piece created by artist Terry Brennan, is a collaboration of a variety of reused and recycled objects.  Some of these materials include plastic water bottles, actual trash dumpsters, scrap metal, and several other usual pieces of trash.  The irony of this piece not only applies to the featured “diver” and this term’s usual definition, it is a rather realistic portrayal of natural sea creatures consisting of manmade material refuse.

“I did not set out to be known as an environmental artist or to create art with a social commentary but as my work progressed to sculpture my eyes opened to new materials and the association naturally occurred. I chose to use discarded pieces of our everyday life that directly impact our future while promoting the endless possibilities of creativity” (ArtPrize website).  It is a belief upheld by Brennan that by being open to the use of new materials, vast amounts of creativity will ensue.

“Dumpster Diver” is located outside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, facing the Grand River.  ArtPrize continues throughout Sunday, October 9.

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