Eco ArtPrize: “Shredded Materialism”

Shredding Light onto Junk Mail (“Shredded Materialism,” by Alison DeRooy)

For ArtPrize artist Alison DeRooy the saying “reduce, reuse, recycle” is taking on a whole new meaning. Instead of buying materials to create her work of art, she decided to collect all of the advertisements sent to her apartment over a one month span and use them as her medium. She carefully shred each advertisement one by one and put them on a canvas, creating a wonderful piece entitled “Shredded Materialism”. On top of this, she also decided not to use any extra paper creating business cards for her piece, instead she simply asked that people take a picture or write down the information pertaining to her piece. Each year ArtPrize awards a Sustainability Award to those works of art that best represent the importance of sustainability.

Alison’s take-home message on her piece was that “shredding advertisements shows the futileness of materialism that draws in consumers”. I love this piece because I too get wads of advertisements shoved into my mailbox, some coupons I clip, but the majority of it goes to the recycling. It has inspired me to take a second look at what goes into the recycle bin, perhaps I could create something myself! You too can be inspired and visit Alison’s ArtPrize entry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

written by Alex Bostelaar.

image borrowed from the website of Alison DeRooy

“Shredded Materialism” is currently located at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  You can find out more about the artist at her website-

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