Eco-Comedy Film Competition

Bogged down with disheartening statistics and global warming doomsday scenarios, we environmental activists can be rather serious about our work.  After all, trying to save the earth is no small task.

However, sometimes a little laughter is necessary to put things in perspective.

Wishing to encourage the use of humor in the fight for conservation, American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking recently partnered with the Sierra Club, Eco-Sense, and the Environmental Protection Agency to host its Third Annual Eco-Comedy Video Competition.  Sixty films were submitted from around the world for the competition.

Josh Rachlis and Ben Zolno were selected as winners for their respective films An Inconvenient Ruth and Plastic State of Mind. They will split the $1,000 prize from the Sierra Club.

Rachlis had the following to say to the Ottawa Citizen:

“I was pissing a lot of people off because I was bothering them by telling them to stop idling their cars and they would chase me down the street and tell me never to touch their cars again,” said Rachlis, a copywriter in Toronto.

“So, I thought maybe I could combine the two, entertain people while getting out an environmental message and I might reach more people that way.”

Take a look and decide for yourself if humor is an effective tactic for encouraging environmental awareness.  All submissions are now available for viewing here.

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