Enormous Grand Haven Plume Shows Impact of Increased Stormwater Runoff


Radio personality Michelle McKormick posted the above flyover image on her facebook page earlier today.  For the past two years, WMEAC has been using the the Grand Haven plume as the defining image of its stormwater campaign, 15 to the River.   The below image has effectively terrorized concerned citizens throughout the campaign.  In comparison to what it looks today, it doesn’t  really seem that bad.  We need to start taking this issue seriously.


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  1. Charles Hausmann
    Charles Hausmann says:

    Rivers by definition create erosion and sediment at their mouth. If fools are shocked at this image, it’s just out of ignorance. Even the best watersheds with pristine trout streams cloud up under spring run off conditions.

    Run- off from city streets is a concern for polutants but to get all worked up about the plume shown in the picture is just misguided propaganda.

    The Mississippi Delta is a treasure created by sediment delivered by the river.

    • Catherine Ottarson
      Catherine Ottarson says:

      I agree with Charles Hausmann. We do not want street run off going into our streams, creeks, river and lakes.
      Mother nature was doing just fine in billions of years before we got here and messed everything up with Dams and sewage.


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