Environmental Club Celebrates Monumental Journey with Three Anniversaries

This year the the local chapter of the Sierra Club will be celebrating three monumental anniversaries; the national club’s 120th anniversary, the Michigan chapter’s 45th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the Michigan Wilderness Act.

The Sierra Club has helped its 1.4 million members hone in on their enthusiasm for healthy communities, environmental solutions and wildlife preservation. As the nation’s oldest environmental organization, the Sierra Club has facilitated several ways for members to give back and learn to appreciate the ever-giving Earth we all call home.

The Michigan chapter has been very influential in many ways, including the 1987 Michigan Wilderness Act, which protected 90,000 acres of old growth forests and lakes and dunes. It also enabled permanent protection for national parks and recreational areas such as Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Grand Island. There are nine networks of volunteer groups in Michigan working together to protect the well being of Michigan’s environmental quality.

The Sierra Club offers many outlets for environmentally conscious people, including outings both domestic and international, over 12 blogs with various topics such as green lifestyles, activism, current events and wildlife. The possibilities are endless when you team up with the Sierra Club.

WMEAC is proud to congratulate the Sierra Club on their anniversaries and collaborative efforts to safeguard our home.

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