Fixing the Future: A National Theatrical Event

For one night only Celebration Cinema will screen the documentary,Fixing the Future, on Wednesday, July 18 at 7 p.m. at Celebration Grand Rapids North. Local First and Oakdale Neighbors will host the screening.

The film accompanies host David Brancaccio, of NOW on PBS and public radio’s Marketplace, as he road trips throughout the U.S. in order to discover how Americans are reinventing the economy. In many of the communities he visits the emphasis isn’t the same mindless “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra but rather a focus on creating a local and sustainable economy for job creation and security.

“Do people exist to serve the economy or does the economy exist to serve people?” Is the basic question put forth at the film’s beginning and helps set the tone for the rest of the viewing.

Fixing the Future highlights how sustainable and innovative approaches are revolutionizing economic interaction in order to restore and reinvent communities after the economic collapse. These communities are accomplishing this through the use of practices such as local cooperatives, business alliances and community banking, among others, to form an economy that serves them.

The Grand Rapids viewing is part of a national theatrical event kickoff, with showings across the country on July 18 and 19. After the July 18 night viewing there will be an exclusive onscreen discussion panel for audience members to take part in. The discussion panel will feature Bill McKibben, Majora Carter, Mike Brady and David Brancaccio.

Tickets can be purchased online and in advance from Celebration Cinema or you can RSVP via the Facebook event page. For more information regarding Fixing the Future view the film’s trailer or visit their website.

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