Former Michigan GOP Saul Anuzis Supports 25 by 25.


“Increasing Michigan’s renewable energy standard will be an economic boon to the state and will help the country become more energy independent,” said Republican National Committeeman Saul Anuzis this past Friday in endorsing the Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs ballot campaign.

The Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs initiative requires that 25 percent of Michigan’s electricity come from wind, solar, biomass or hydropower energy by 2025. This week, the Board of State Canvassers certified the campaign’s petitions, putting the initiative on the November 6 ballot.

“This should not be a conservative or liberal, or Republican or Democrat issue,” Anuzis said in a conference call. “This is really an issue dealing with jobs and economic development in Michigan, as well as moving toward economic reliance on Michigan energy.”

Growing Michigan’s renewable energy will help us compete for jobs and opportunities with other states that are already significantly ahead. Midwest states with standards higher than Michigan’s are reaping large economic benefits by making parts for wind turbines and solar panels – work that could be taking place right here in communities across the state. There are 8,000 parts in a wind turbine – and every one of them can be made in Michigan.

More than 30 states have already adopted measures similar to Michigan’s ballot initiative, including Illinois, Ohio and Iowa.

Click here to download Anuzis’ letter supporting the ballot.

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