Founders Fest 2012 Emphasizes Sustainability HighFive Program

For its annual Founders Fest celebration, Founders Brewing Company made 2012 the greenest year yet. With the help of the HighFive program, a Grand Rapids organization that promotes effective recycling and composting, Founders made the festival more than just a celebration of beer and music by emphasizing sustainability.

“When we come into events we like to tell our kids, it’s not just your job to pick up after people, it’s your job to teach people how to pick up after themselves.” said Rachel Wells, co-founder of the HighFive Program.

The HighFive program kept the spirit running throughout the event by awarding people seen doing ‘good green deeds’ with a high five and a raffle ticket, giving them the opportunity to win prizes ranging from concert tickets to signed band merchandise.

See the video below for more.
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