Frackers Threaten Kalkaska Water Supply


Recent fracking operations in Kalkaska by Encana Corp. ran into trouble when a newly-drilled water well failed to adequately supply the 8.4 Million gallons of water necessary to hydraulically fracture a nearby gas well. The well’s failure illustrates shortcomings in the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool (WWAT) the DEQ uses to inform its permitting process. In response to the well’s shortfall, Encana tapped the Kalkaska municipal water supply, according to Jacque Rose, a member of the Friends of the Au Gres-Rifle Watershed watchdog group.

In a recent press release, Rose and her group report that the withdrawal of water from Kalkaska’s municipal system was coincident with a loss of water pressure, discolored water that “looks like milk” coming from taps, and an eleven-foot drop in water levels.

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  1. kas0157
    kas0157 says:

    I am again warning people in the State of Michigan that meddling under ground where our traveling ground water is stored is not going to prove very well. Our destiny rests solely on our shoulders. Children’s lives are the most perfect. We need to demonstrate how much we love them by acting on this colossal problem of pumping chemicals into the ground where our water table exists. We need to be far in reach to stop this calamity of risk taking. Stop Fracking is a once in a life time offer to the citizens who live here or those who plan on visiting us. We will further our own demise if we look the other way! I recognize WMEAC as one of the leaders of source for whats happening to our environment (MI).


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