Fract #31


Fract #31 The White Pine Trail and 10% of Kent County are currently leased.

As has been widely reported, the state sold drilling rights in Kent County for the White Pine Trail State Park, Rogue River State Game Area and Cannonsburg State Game Area. 

One-tenth of Kent County acreage has been leased by fracking interests in the past two years, most of it on private land. A recent survey of county deeds performed in partnership with grassroots group Kent County Water Conservation has revealed that at least 8,158 acres of state land and 39,933 total acres of private land were leased in Kent County between January 2010 and March 2013, most for five-year terms.  That is 8.8% of Kent County’s 547,840 total acres, with 7.3% of that on private land.  

For the purpose of this fract, we have rounded up to 10%.  It should be noted that our survey was limited to new leases signed after January 2010.  Oil and gas drilling was underway in Kent County before fracking became a factor.  The evidence of this is plainly visible in the southwest quadrant of the county; there are even operational drilling apparatus at Millennium Park in Walker.  A distribution of activity statewide is available here.

A map showing the private acreage is available below.  Leased parcels are in red.


A database of parcels shown on the map is available here; note that the raw data includes some duplicates and missing acreage information.  The final calculation of acreage was performed by the Kent County Bureau of Equalization mapping application.

A map showing the public acreage is available here. A listing of parcels shown in this map is available here.

Learn more about how fracking impacts land use here.

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