German Brewers Rally Against Fracking


Some interesting news from the German Brewers Federation, which is now staunchly opposed to fracking due to the potential effects the divisive practice could have on the quality of water brewers depend on for crafting their beer.

To defend the purity and quality of their products the federation is relying on the beer purity law, or Reinheitsgebot. According to Der Spiegel, regulations controlling the brewing of beer in Germany date back to the beer purity law, or Reinheitsgebot, of 1516,  the world’s first food purity law.  In a letter to several ministries in Berlin, brewers expressed concern that the exploitation of shale gas through fracking could contaminate water supplies and put beer at risk.

Even though Chancellor Angela Merkel has already proposed the potential regulations for the practice, brewers are afraid that these regulations don’t do enough to protect drinking water.

The brewing industry is dependent on high-quality drinking water, and that fracking could reduce or even completely eliminate the security of the water supply. The federation calls on the government to continue debate on the issue before reaching a final decision.

As a result Berlin wants to design a law that will set-up regulations for fracking in Germany that will respect the regulations set up by Reinheitsgebot.

One concern that was expressed by British Prime Minister David Cameron is that by delaying the implementation of fracking, Europe will fall behind the rest of the world in this technological race. This is a cost that the German Brewers Federation is willing to pay to ensure that the quality of their beer isn’t compromised by fracking.

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