Gov. Snyder To Create A New Advisory Board On Water Usage

Governor Snyder is making plans to re-establish an advisory board that will oversee water usage in the state. In so many words, Snyder is stating that the changing climate has necessitated a board that can oversee water usage in a state that is so reliant on water for tourism.

As reported in Great Lakes Echo, Snyder believes that there will be more challenges related to climate change in the near future and the protection of Michigan’s vast amounts of fresh water must be looked into. As levels of the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan are becoming lower and lower, and as industry is demanding more water, it is crucial that the state take action and ensure that Michigan’s water is protected.

This board will be made up of environmental groups, businesses  utilities, scientists, and communities representing the diverse group of stakeholders for Michigan’s fresh water.  This board will look at water usage over the entire state, and not just specific areas.

Environmental groups are hoping that the board will address the many holes that have developed in the states water usage tool, which is an online data base that requires water users to keep track of how much they use.  For instance, mining companies are one of the groups that do not have to register their water usage with the tool.

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