Grand Rapids composting company extends composting services into Muskegon

For the past two years the Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition (MASC) discussed the possibility of bringing composting to commercial facilities in Muskegon. That dream finally became a reality on June 1 when New Soil, a composting company located in Grand Rapids, announced that it would expand services across large portions of Muskegon, Spring Lake, Fruitport and Grand Haven. 

Plans to partner with a company able to accommodate the region’s composting needs began to solidify last March when MASC hosted the Community Briefing on Commercial Composting at Muskegon Community College. New Soil agreed to begin servicing the area earlier this summer after it had acquired enough clients to justify the cross-county trip.

About 85% of waste sent to landfills is compostable material, and with the growing number of businesses across West Michigan, that’s a significant amount of garbage that otherwise could be turned into fresh, nutrient-rich soil. Most of what’s typically labeled as ‘trash’ can be composted, such as food scraps, plant clippings, paper towels, coffee filters, or even junk mail.

Commercial facilities have taken the lead in making sustainable choices that help both the environment and their wallets “As more businesses set zero waste to landfill goals in West Michigan, it was necessary that we build enough demand so we could ask New Soil to expand its capabilities into this area,” said Renae Hesselink, Vice President of Sustainability for Nichols, a paper and packaging distributor with locations in the West Michigan area.

MASC encourages any businesses in the area looking to decrease waste to learn more about composting by contacting New Soil at (616) 454-9250.

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