GVSU Dean Signs Up for BetterBuildings

BetterBuildings for Michigan is still making excellent progress in the Grand Valley sweep. To date BBfM has signed up more than 150 participants, including Dr. Wendy Wenner, Brooks College Dean for the College of Interdisciplinary Studies at GVSU. Dean Wenner’s BBfM experience is spotlighted below.

Dr. Wendy Wenner, Brooks College Dean for the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, signed up for a BetterBuildings for Michigan energy audit knowing full well that her ninety-year-old home did not need significant work—it was only seven years ago that she had the windows replaced, new siding and a new roof put on.

“But I was curious,” Dean Wenner said, “I wanted to see if there was anything more we could do.” Turns out, there was. A crawl space under the garage needed insulation as did part of the attic. Most important, though, the BBfM auditors discovered that her water heater did not vent carbon monoxide correctly.

“We have a detector in the room with the water heater,” Dean Wenner said, “and the build-up of carbon monoxide was never enough to set off the alarm. Still, our dogs sleep there, and even trace amounts is too much as far I’m concerned.”

Dean Wenner is understandably grateful the auditors discovered the problem when they did, and she is recommending the BBfM program to her neighbors and friends, two of whom have signed up already.

What is it she finds so worthy of recommendation? “It’s the thoroughness of the BetterBuildings approach” she said. “The auditors collect data and develop a plan. Then they provide you with the means to see the plan through, whether it’s financial incentives or by putting you in touch with the right people for the job.

“It’s just a really smart idea,” she said.

To learn more about BetterBuildings for Michigan, visit www.bbmgr.org or call (616) 451-3051 ext. 24.

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