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Forest Heroes Halloween

(Photo c/o Forest Heroes Facebook Page)

With Halloween just around the corner, the Forest Heroes campaign teamed up with Michigan families for last weekend’s Tiger Costume Party to urge Kellogg’s to stop rainforest deforestation and save the Sumatran tiger.

According to a Forest Heroes press release, as kids played tiger games in tiger costumes, their parents called on Kellogg’s CEO John Bryant to end his company’s joint venture with Wilmar International. The Asian agribusiness group is a key player in the palm oil industry, which is driving the Sumatran tiger to the edge of extinction. Wilmar has been named the least sustainable major company in the world twice by Newsweek.

Parents also learned how many common chocolate Halloween candies containing palm oil contribute to the deforestation problem. Amongst major candy manufacturers, only Nestlé has taken a stand against deforestation.

“I can stomach scary movies and costumes but not treats from deforestation,” said one Grand Rapids parent. “Thankfully, I learned today that there are many tiger-friendly options to choose from!”

Palm oil is an important ingredient in half of all consumer goods, including snacks, soaps, and detergents, but irresponsible production of palm oil through clearing away rainforests can lead to an influx of air pollution. Nestlé’s example shows palm oil can be grown without causing environmental harm.

To learn more about planning a Tiger-Friendly Halloween, visit this candy-buying guide from Forest Heroes. In addition, Forest Heroes has written a petition it intends to send to the CEOs of Hershey, Mars, and Dunkin Donuts, amongst others, encouraging them to stop using palm oil from deforestation. To sign the petition and review its language, visit this page on the Forest Heroes website.

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