Holland BPW Releases 2010 E-Annual Report

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The Holland Board of Public Works’ recently released the online edition of its 2010 annual report entitled “2020 Vision.”  In addition to a financial overview and statistics on HBPW’s electric, water, and wastewater operations, the report also details HBPW’s 2010 activity and outlines HBPW’s vision for the next 10 years at the level of individual homes, businesses, and the Holland community at-large.

In an introductory Letter to the Community, BPW General Manager Loren Howard wrote:

Conservation is going to play an increasingly important role in meeting the service requirements of our community. We have important programs underway in virtually every area of our operations to help the community do more with less. They include everything from educational community forums on energy efficiency and conservation to smart metering programs that allow our customers more hands-on control over the amount of energy they use.

Highlights of 2010 activity that point to conservation efforts include:

  • Introducing a credit card bill payment option, eliminating paper waste.
  • Serving to attract to the West Michigan area LG Chem and JCI SAFT, key players in the future of sustainable energy and developers of lithium ion batteries for electric cars.
  • Partnering with the Holland Community Sustainability Committee to host 19 forums on energy and water management priorities for Holland businesses.
  • Partnering with the Department of Energy (DOE) to offer a training class for business customers on how to better utilize resources.
  • Joining the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3), a voluntary program that encourages members to find creative solutions to waste management.
  • Financing the conversion of Holland’s downtown traffic lights to LEDs.

HBPW’s plans for a more sustainable future include:

  • Proposed increased funding to Energy Smart, an HBPW program responsible in the past for distributing nearly ten thousand high efficiency Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), offering recycling for refrigerators and freezers, and providing rebates for customers who install high-efficiency HVAC systems.
  • Investigation of possible wind farm sites in Allegan County
  • Commitment to exploring ways of reducing CO2 emissions

And oh yeah, the HBPW is still looking at building a new coal plant.

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