How You Can Help Keep Zoning Fair in Saugatuck Township

As reported earlier today, Singapore Dunes is per usual asking for special treatment and trying to bypass the public zoning process that every other landowner would have to go through to build a 9-story hotel, restaurant, and marina on property that is zoned residential.  Read more about it here.
Even worse, by submitting multiple applications, Singapore Dunes is trying to confuse the Township and its residents into giving it special treatment by scaring us into thinking that we must choose between two bad options.

The Township should refuse to consider both applications at once and should force Singapore Dunes to choose one or the other. The Township should also start the proper public process to consider what the zoning should be for the land at the mouth of river, whether that means rezoning or considering a new zoning district for coastal lands.

What can you do to help? 

Attend the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting at St. Peter’s Church on October 11 at 5 PM. Write a letter and submit it to the ZBA during the public comment period of the hearing. Anyone can submit a letter, regardless of where you live. Letters will be most effective that detail how you use the Saugatuck Dunes waterfront, dunes, beaches, river and how the variances allowing a 9-story hotel, 65-foot condos, marina, restaurant and other commercial activity at the river mouth will negatively impact the enjoyment of our public lands, your private property, your business or real estate value, or other aspects that would be negatively impacted.

If you are unable to attend the meeting your letters can still make a difference. Please send, and address, your letter to:

Al Ellingsen, Zoning Administrator
Saugatuck Township Hall
3461 Blue Star Hwy
Saugatuck, MI 49453

Or email your letter to:

Please also email copies to:

The Coastal Alliance, so we can keep track of how many letters are received at the Township

The City of Saugatuck, as Saugatuck’s Oval Beach and Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area will be negatively impacted by a 9-story hotel.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as the Saugatuck Dunes State Park and Natural Area will in negatively impacted by a golf course and out-of-scale marina development.

If you have questions about the content of your letter, or how to submit your letter, please contact us at:

or call:

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