Installation of First Michigan-Made Utility Grade Turbine

Hope for breezy days, because the Stoney Corners Wind farm in McBain, Michigan is now harvesting wind with Michigan’s first locally made utility grade wind turbine.

Windemuller Electric, Inc designed and installed the turbine in conjunction with Northern Power.  Installation of the turbine took place on the evening of December 20.  Turbines are not commonly installed in the evening, but this new turbine, massive in size, with blades 45.2 meters long and able to generate 2.2 megawatts of power, complicated the installation process.

Normally a wind turbine’s tower is installed, followed by the nacelle, which houses the gears and controller and generator, and then the blades.  This new turbine’s generator, weighing in at 130,000 lbs, had to be lifted up separately from the nacelle, complicating the normal installation procedure.

Windemuller Electric, headquartered in Wayland, provides a variety of services and has had prior experience working with wind turbines and renewable energy.  Because of this successful installation in Michigan, Northern Power has also asked Windmueller to install a turbine in Texas.

Read the full press release here.

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