Enbridge to Replace 75 Miles of 6B Pipeline, Still Cleaning Up Spill

Enbridge Inc. will spend $286 million to replace 75 miles of pipeline after last July’s break released an estimated 1 million gallons of crude in the Kalamazoo River and Talmadge Creek.  This accounts for the majority of the 6B pipeline that runs across Michigan.

State and environmental protection officials said Enbridge is on schedule to meet a Sept. 27 deadline for clean up.  A majority of the crude will be eventually cleaned up after making its way into the water and local wetlands.

The river, creek and other areas impacted by the spill are currently off-limits for swimming, boating and other recreational activities. The ban on agricultural use the water from the creek is still in place.  The U.S. EPA has listed air, water and sediment testing results on their website since mid August.

According to the Enbridge web site, it is currently working with Focus Wildlife, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to address the spill’s effect on local wildlife.

The EPA and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials be releasing evaluations of the river, local wetlands, bottom sediment and shoreline in June.

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