Landmark California Climate Law Faces Referendum

No on Prop 23

The voters of California have a choice this election day whether or not to continue leading the nation in addressing climate change.  Proposition 23 would postpone the law until the state drops below 5.5% unemployment for an entire year.   Polling shows the measure trailing 48 percent to 32 percent among likely voters, with 19 percent undecided.

This law is particularly important not only because it is the first of its kind, but even more because its impact reaches much farther than the border of California.  California’s large population and massive economy force businesses, industries, and decision makers across the country to make products and choices that conform to the myriad of positive environmental regulations that the law compels.  From the cars made in Detroit and Lansing to the produce grown around the state, California’s standards have a strong effect on Michigan.

A defeat of this legislation would be a stunning step back for the already beleaguered national climate change actions and discourse.


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