Local Church Installs Solar Powered Garage

Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church. Photo Credit: http://www.c2ae.com

Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church recently took a small step toward embracing its role as stewards of the earth. After buying a detached garage without power, the church decided to install solar panels. “Solar power made more sense than digging ditches for power lines,” said church Administrator Fred Sterenberg.

The garage only requires a single one by three foot panel to run the garage door opener and inner light, installed on its roof. The panel was far less expensive than installing power lines, not to mention more eco-friendly.

The garage solar panel has prompted discussion within the church to install solar panels on the main building as well. Eastern Avenue CRC actively recycles and tries to use real dishes rather than using paper or Styrofoam throwaways. The church embraces these simple green techniques, “we recognize the value of going in this direction,” said Sterenberg.

Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church is located at 514 Eastern Avenue SE and can be contacted at 616-454-4888.

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