Local First Introduces 10×10 Pledge

Grand Rapids is home to many local food advocates and farms, but this time around, its the local organization, Local First, that’s rallying up people to buy local. August 28 marked the start of its 10 by 10 Pledge, which spans until October 30. By taking the 10 by 10 Pledge, one promises to donate ten dollars of their weekly food budget to local food sources for ten weeks. Once the number of pledgers reaches 100,000 Local First will donate $100,000 into West Michigan local food system.

What may have been a somewhat difficult challenge in the past is now quite easily accomplished with all of Grand Rapids’ local resources. Local produce is more accessible to people and multiple businesses and restaurants work together to promote each other by selling one another’s products. Many local restaurants and businesses give customers the opportunity to buy an item that was manufactured right around the corner, in addition to the options found at the farmers’ market. All of these options make taking the pledge a simple way of supporting Grand Rapids’ continued growth.

To take the pledge go here.

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