Local Reverend Makes Faith Case for Proposal 3 and Clean Energy

The Reverend Vern Hoffman of Grand Rapids submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Grand Rapids Press making the case for renewable energy and Proposal 3:


Faith leaders for Prop 3 because of job creation, economic benefits
I am one of many faith leaders across Michigan who is proud to endorse Proposal 3 to increase Michigan’s renewable energy standard to 25 percent by 2025. Like many Michiganders who support Proposal 3, we are excited by the economic and job-creating benefits of this proposal. We also believe that its impact on public health is an important benefit to all.

Coal pollution contributes to high rates of asthma, lung diseases, respiratory illness and other ailments for Michigan residents. Low-income communities, our most vulnerable communities, are at the most risk when it comes to pollution. We must do all we can to lower the rates of illnesses and disease among our neighbors and Proposal 3 will help us do just that.

Further, all faiths teach us to respect our natural resources. Using more renewable energy is an important step toward fulfilling this duty. These natural resources bring us great enjoyment and peace of mind – they also provide livelihoods for our farmers, our tourism industry, our anglers and outfitters, and many more who depend on it to put food on the table and care for their families.

We can love God, honor Creation, and strengthen Michigan’s future. Let’s reduce our state’s dependence on fossil fuels and build a clean energy economy together. And that’s why I support Proposal 3.
The Rev. VERN HOFFMAN/Grand Rapids

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