MASHUP: Mapping Michigan’s best pest and natural resources management

By Rachael Gleason, Great Lakes Echo

Michigan Christmas tree growers looking to chemically combat the gypsy moth are out of luck — the time period to spray insecticides has ended for all counties.

But a new tool makes it easier to know when it’s okay to spray.

Michigan State University’s interactive map Enviro-weather combines weather data and best pest and natural resources practices. It recently added gypsy moth spray windows and temperature maps to help tree farmers treat the invasive insect.

This mashup isn’t just for Christmas tree growers.

Enviro-weather features weather, temperature and precipitation information for dozens of Michigan locations. There are also site-specific pest management tools and other resources for field crops, fruit, trees, turf grass, vegetables and landscaping.

Its latest feature Frost Alarm alerts users of customizable weather conditions at specific locations for a yearly fee.

Enviro-weather was established in 2007 by the university’s climatological resources and integrated pest management programs. New tools are added as researchers develop and validate new scientific models.

© 2011, Great Lakes Echo, Michigan State University Knight Center for Environmental Journalism

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