Meet my Neighbor, the Dune

By Natalie Henley

As a child, everything you do and everything you experience is an adventure.

Across the street from my house, was a dune. This dune was the place where I loved to go on adventures, play, laugh, and run around. This dune was my friend, this dune was my neighbor. The most exciting part about having a dune as a neighbor, was that no matter the season, week day, or time, you could go and visit. A wonderful teacher, the dune showed me the beauty, power and fragility of the natural world. The dune was also a consoler and comforted me on those hot summer days with the shade of the trees in the back dune and the cool sand that could be found a few inches down. The dune also comforted me in the winter, from the howling winds and snowy storms.



The dune was a place to have fun, learn, explore, and experience. I have so many memories of running down the dune in the summer and sledding down the sides in the winter. I learned about biodiversity of plants and animals and how the ecosystem functions. I explored the paths, valleys and heights of the dune. I experienced the beauty of the world around me. This is where I realized my purpose in the world would be to protect this dune and the rest of the natural world. This is where I learned how important it is to care for the Earth and all it has to offer. It is easy to understand why a dune is a wonderful neighbor.

Everyone should be able to enjoy all of the wonderful experiences dunes have to offer. They are places of learning, exploring, and understanding. They inspire, protect, and comfort. They are loved by all, both locals and visitors. Therefore, they should always be protected and never in danger of development or destruction.

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