Muskegon Lake Restoration

Last week MiBiz ran a story highlighting the efforts to clean up Lake Muskegon.  The lake, once dotted with foundries, saw mills and other industrial operations has been on the EPA’s Area of Concern list since 1985.

Muskegon residents and officials hope that a recently completed $12 lake restoration project, funded in part by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Legacy Act and by the MDEQ, will help move the lake one step closer to being taken of the EPA’s AOC list. The project removed contaminated sediment from the lake, replacing it with sand, and featured a shoreline restoration initiative that removed invasive plant species.

News of the Muskegon Lake remediation project underscores the importance that fresh, clean water has on a community, culturally as well as economically.

The article notes:

“According to the EPA and the GLRI this investment, together with other shoreline restoration projects, is expected to increase property values by $12 million and contribute $600,000 in new tax revenues annually.

The city expects 65,000 new visitors to the lake, which would generate one than $1 in new recreational spending. Total economic benefits could exceed $66 million, one report said.”

Lake Muskegon is one of 43 AOCs within the Great Lakes Region in the United States and Canada. There are 14 AOCs in the state of Michigan

  • Clinton River
  • Deer Lake (Marquette County)
  • Detroit River
  • Kalamazoo River
  • Manistique River
  • Menominee River
  • Muskegon Lake
  • River Raisin
  • Rogue River
  • Saginaw River and Saginaw Bay
  • St. Clair River
  • St. Mary’s River
  • Torch Lake (Houghton County)
  • White Lake (Muskegon County)
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