Muskegon Plans to Add Bike Lane on Busy M-120

The township of Muskegon has recently received federal funding for their first bike and pedestrian lane, which spans two-thirds of a mile on M-120. The new 10-foot-wide lane is a part of the Transportation Improvement Plan proposed in 2009. Johnson & Anderson are the consulting engineers taking on the construction aspect and implementing drainage control devices on the lane.
The new lane, which is expected to be completed in 2012, will be a way to bridge the east and west sides of the north end of the township. “We wanted people to be able to transition from one side to the other…it’s such a busy area and a lot of people won’t make the trip because they have to be right near the road,” Muskegon Township Supervisor David Keift Jr. said.

The lack of a specified lane currently poses extreme danger to pedestrians and cyclists. The new addition will give added comfort to those who would like to enjoy the stretch without a car. This project is one of many in Michigan’s recent history to make progress on accommodations for bikers and pedestrians. Along with Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor are also communities that have been actively making changes for the cause as well.

Keift does expect to see more pedestrian lanes in Muskegon’s future but he is unsure when it might happen. “The issue is the local government is so low on money… we got lucky and still got a grant for it this year so we’re going to go ahead and build it.”

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