New Bill Would Force Schools, Colleges, Parks to Auction Land for Drilling Rights

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State Senator April DeFayle today introduced a set of bills that would require all public organizations in Michigan to sell off drilling rights through the Department of Natural Resources auction system currently being used to lease land in the state’s parks and recreational areas. The Power Our Schools, Parks and Roads Act would apply to all public schools, state universities, community colleges and the various land holdings of cities, counties, townships and other municipalities.

The legislation also creates an incentive system designed to encourage non-profit organizations such as churches, private schools, gun clubs, hospitals, and nature centers to lease their lands for oil & gas exploration.

“Our schools, parks and roads need fracking,” said Fayle, noting that Michigan’s professional regulators have long defended the practice against frivolous and alarmist environmental concerns.


Happy April Fool’s Day!  And happy Earth Month.  We’re happy to report that there is not currently any such legislation pending in Michigan.  But while it does seem far-fetched now, a development like this is not outside of the realm of possibility.

Our state leaders have worked hard to defend high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing as safe and beneficial for Michigan.  Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, there are some pretty big concerns that need to be addressed for it not to have a negative impact on our state’s natural resources and quality of life.

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