New Grand Rapids Restaurant is All Local All the Time

Trillium Haven, a new farm-to-table restaurant in Eastown, aims to change the way Grand Rapidians experience local food.

Owner Anja Mast giving a tour of the Trillium Haven location

Soon, you can eat like a farmhand while hanging out in Grand Rapids at the new farm-to-table restaurant, Trillium Haven. Owners Anja Mast and Michael VanderBrug will stock the restaurant almost entirely from their Jenison farm when it opens July 6. The restaurant will focus on organic seasonal produce while cultivating a sustainable dining experience in Grand Rapids.

“We know that there are many people in Grand Rapids interested in organics, sustainable agriculture and building a green future,” said owner Anja Mast. “Many of these people wish to support those values when they eat out and we think the market is ready for a more sustainable plate.”

Trillium, located at 1429 Lake Drive in the Kingsley Building, will highlight local seasonal produce available throughout the year, even in the winter. Chef Joel Wabeke, with five years experience at and just back from  four-star Chicago restaurant Balena, will create dishes that inspire while also offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten free choices. The bar will provide guests the opportunity to experiment, too; offering both champagne and a red wine on tap, along with other Michigan wine and beer options. Beyond the food and alcohol though, is a greater experience to be had; one of directly connecting people to what we are made out of – the food we eat.

The restaurant will collaborate with young farmers to supply additional produce and meat as needed. Trillium considers this an opportunity to have a positive economic impact on young farmers who share the passion for sustainable agriculture and in particular other community supported agriculture farming models. A possible “Young Farmers Chicken Co-Op” is in the works with former Trillium farm interns to raise chickens for the restaurant while testing out grass-based farming.

Mast and VanderBrug hope that their collaborative efforts with other sustainable farming initiatives will help the Trillium’s efforts to provide sustainable food and hopefully change some minds on how one can and should eat in Grand Rapids.

“Change is hard but change can be delicious as well.” said Mast who sees a bright future for Trillium and the community as it continues to change and grow.

Below: More pictures of the new Trillium Haven restaurant taken last weeks’ Green Drinks GR event.

Trillium Haven woodwork

Trillium Haven bar

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